Spring Pilgrimage

The Shikoku pilgrimage

The presence of the land, for the landscape in Shikoku is not only beautiful, it is prayerful. The pilgrimage route is not an imposed or fleeting human path; it is an enduring one that the land invites us to travel. Mountains, trees, water—the natural world is inseparable from the human feet that touch the ground. With each step, the pilgrim arrives into an unfolding song.

To be a pilgrim is to set aside, for a while, worldly concerns. To do the daring thing in these days of media and in this age of clocks: taking your time in getting somewhere, or leaving time behind altogether. To travel to a place for the sake of the place and for the sake of the travel. To allow point A and point B to give way to possibility, to mystery. You are meant to allow the journey to do its work on you.


Shikoku Pilgrimage

Following the route of 88 Buddhist temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage, this rich multimedia story brings you into an ancient landscape.

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Chapter Title Temple
I Heart Sutra

II No Beginning

III To Worship a Mountain

IV The Temple and the Field

V I Am Called Sky

VI The Legend of the Cave

VII Crossings

VIII Stone Steps

IX Cherry Blossoms

X The Circular Journey

XI The Loss of the Unexpected

XII Two Trees

XIII The Legend of Emon Saburō


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