The End of Quantum Reality: A Conversation with Wolfgang Smith

In this wide-ranging interview, conducted on the occasion of the release of a new film addressing the implications of his thought, the physicist and metaphysician Wolfgang Smith speaks about the need to integrate science with reality in a way that affirms the lived experience of humanity, and preserves the archetypal and qualitative dimensions that give it meaning. He is critical of scientific fundamentalism and its overreaching tendencies, of the false premises of Darwinian evolutionism and of the limitations of Einsteinian physics and quantum reality. Physics, on its own terms, he claims, must affirm, on pain of absurdity, the metaphysical dimension of reality and of the corporeal existence that it informs.

Wolfgang Smith is the Founder of the Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation. In January 2020, a full-length film was released on the life and work of Professor Smith, entitled The End of Quantum Reality  (Producer: Richard DeLano; Director: KTEE Thomas). This interview,  which was conducted at Wolfgang Smith’s home in Camarillo, California on November 29, 2019, focuses on the long-awaited release of this epochal film and Professor Smith’s legacy.

Samuel Bendeck Sotillos:  If you were asked to give a brief synopsis of your film, The End of Quantum Reality  how would you articulate this for audiences unfamiliar with your work?

 Wolfgang Smith:  What we hope to accomplish is to deliver the audience from an erroneous worldview imposed upon us in the name of science, and in so doing deliver them from a chronic state of schizo-phrenia which is a consequence of this worldview.Physics has long claimed—on supposedly solid scientific grounds—that all things are simply composites of so-called fundamental particles.  What we have proved—on the basis of quantum theory itself—is that such is not in fact the case: the world in which we live, and move, and have our being does not   in fact reduce to mere particles! This means that the world we normally perceive by means of our five senses is not after all illusory, as we have been taught to believe since the Enlightenment.

SBS:  You have accomplished a remarkable feat in exposing the fundamental errors of contemporary science in an unparalleled fashion. Your findings fundamentally challenge the presiding ideology of our times and are considered “heretical” because they deconstruct the ideology as idolatry. How did this insight or process occur?

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