Geometry of Life

The Geometry of Plants

From Cosmic Core

“Plants are not ‘things’ but ‘energy events’,” Michael Schneider tells us.  “They spiral into existence, resembling whirlpools.”

“The directed, asymmetric, ‘pulsating’ forces manifested in growing living organisms act, or can act, quite differently from the physico-chemical reactions obeying the ‘Principle of Least Action,’ so that the ‘Geometry of Life’ will introduce shapes and volumes not met with in rigorously inorganic systems.”1

“Plants are not objects, and there is no absolute.  They are transient and their form exists within a constant state of flux.  In truth we cannot summarize the design of a plant within a single session of measurement and recording, since even within the space of time between the measuring and the recording enough about the plant may have changed to render the measurement obsolete. Read more here

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Geometry of Plants – Part 2 –




  • Geometry of Zoology

Geometry of Zoology








  • Geometry of Human Life

Human A&P – Part 1 – The Geometry of Human Life – Mitosis, Meiosis & Fertilization



Human A&P – Part 2 – The Geometry of Human Life – Phi & Body Proportions


Human A&P – Part 3 – The Geometry of Human Life – More Body Geometry





Human A&P – Part 4 – The Geometry of Human Life – The Heart




Human Life – Mind/Body – Part 1 – Cells & Cellular Memory



Mind/Body Health – Part 2 – Mind-Body Connection




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