The  home of  al Khidr ( The Green One)  in Kataragama (Sri Lanka – Sarandīb – Ceylon)

  • The  home of  al Khidr ( The Green One)  in Kataragama (Sri Lanka – Sarandīb – Ceylon)

According to a folk etymology, the Tamil name Kathirkāmam is said to be evolved from the combination of two words Kathir (meaning glory of light) and kāmam (Love), which according to the legend is “where the light of Murugan mingled with the love of Valli“.

The aboriginal Vedda community used to refer to this deity as O’ Vedda or Oya Vedda, meaning “river hunter”.[11] The Sri Lankan Moors visiting this place pay homage to a Muslim saint known as al-Khidir, who according to them gave his name to the Islamic shrine at this place, and therefore attributing to the place etymology.

Indigenous Kataragama

Sri Lanka’s indigenous inhabitants, the Veddas or Wanniya-laeto (‘forest-dwellers’) as they call themselves, preserve a direct line of descent from the island’s original Neolithic community.

Hindu Kataragama: Murugan: Kali Yuga Varada

Murugan, the undying ‘Tender Youth’ and boon-granting patron and of the Kali Yuga, has been adored, praised and worshipped by uncounted millions of devotees since Vedic times.

Buddhist Kataragama

Although, strictly speaking, the word Kataragama refers to the place-name of a certain area in southern Sri Lanka. Kataragama, Kacharagama or Kadiragama…whatever name you may call it, it’s a place of worship for all. People from all religions gather here to pray to the Kataragama God

Islamic Kataragama Islamic Kataragama: Home of al-khidr

According to Islamic tradition our forefather Adam (alai) first descended to earth in  Serendib (modern Sri Lanka) upon Adam’s Peak. Al-Khadir, Alexander and the Fountain of Life:In worldwide Islamic tradition, the story of the prophet or saint known as Khwaja Khadir (Khizr) occupies a role of special distinction. Coming of Mystery Imam al-Mahdi:In this age of unrest and accelerating change, modern social and political pundits have been left behind by the rapid pace of events.

Firewalking: A Vow to Walk the Fiery Path  When Embers feel like Petals: Heat emanating from the bed of embers is unbearable even from afar. Flames darting up occasionally light up the large crowd

The Kataragama Pada Yatra Pilgrimage

Invisible currents flow like mighty rivers along the paths of every pilgrimage, and borne along by these currents the traditional foot pilgrims move in their thousands from one spiritual center to another. Kataragama is a sanctuary full of intiatic mysteries for pilgrims of all faiths: Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The pilgrimage to Kataragama, across the length of Sri Lanka.